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Fans of Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will have to gear up for lots of interesting twists and turns in the upcoming episode.

In the coming episodes, viewers will get to see some heart wrenching emotional drama finally Aditya’s real face will get exposed in front of Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and the entire Goenka family. And it will be none other than Naira (Shivangi Joshi) who will expose Aditya.

After the emotionally wrenching drama of Akshara’s death truth being revealed to Naira, viewers will see some light hearted moments during Kartik’s Birthday party. However, the birthday party would also see a high point with Aditya’s real face getting revealed to all.

It is known that Naira and Singhania family comes to know that Kartik’s cousin Mansi has killed Akshara and that Goenka family hid this truth from Singhania family. Though Naira gets Akshara’s police case of accidental death closed and saves Mansi, Naira refuses to forgive Kartik. But , soon Naira comes to know about her misunderstandings and she dresses up as Clown to meet Kartik in birthday party. Kartik gets furious to see Naira, however, soon both Kartik and Naira get united and resolve their misunderstandings.

Further during the party, Naira senses unrest amid Kirti and Aditya. Naira is aware of Kirti and Aditya’s real marital relation. Naira knows that Aditya tortures Kirti and humiliates her. In between the party, Kirti will go in her room and Aditya will follow her. Naira will ask Kartik to go after Aditya. Kartik will witness Aditya’s torture on Kirti and will get furious. Kartik will beat up Aditya for torturing his sister. What will happen to Kirti and Aditya’s relation? Will Goenka family support Kirti?

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