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As per the latest development, after meeting with a major accident, Pooja will lose her mental balance and would start behaving like a young child.

Yes, she would talk and act like child!

The track would showcase some funny sequences where she will give nicknames to Surbhi and Neelima. She will call Surbhi a bandariya and Neelima a bhuri billi.

Not only that, she will make Neelima kneel down, will sit on her back and will demand a ride (horse ride)!

Later, Pooja will start playing with a scissor which will leave everyone worried thinking that she will hurt someone.
While all of this sounds quite funny, Pooja will start becoming violent and will keep everyone on their toes. Seeing
Pooja’s condition, the family will ask Naren to drop the idea of marrying her. However, Naren will maintain his distance.

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