TvFullDay : Drama is bound to happen when there is Bhaang involved in the Holi sequences of the TV shows.

Star Bharat’s popular daily ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ (Qissago Telefilms) promises an exciting Holi sequence for its viewers.

In the upcoming episode Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) will have to celebrate Holi at her maika instead of her in-laws place.

Now we hear that there is some interesting ‘bhaang’ drama in store amidst the Holi sequence of the show.

Nimki and Abhimanyu (Indraneil Sengupta) will end up having Bhaang on the occasion of Holi and as the viewers are aware of Abhimanyu’s feelings for Nimki, he will try to express his feelings for Nimki but before that Nimki will tell Abhimanyu that she loves him and he will happily confess his love to her as well.

But here comes the twist in the tale!

What do you think of Nimki Mukhiya?

Abhimanyu’s happiness will turn into sorrow when Nimki will further confess that she loves Babbu (Abhishek Sharma) a lot.

Will Nimki get to learn about Abhimanyu’s feelings for her? How much drama is in store for the Holi sequence on the show? Well, that is certainly going to be an interesting watch.

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