Will Neil and Avni Reunited??????

Neil (Role played by Zain Imam) will finally decide to leave Avni. It will happen so that after hours of hard work, Neil and Avni will finally find out Saiyesha, who was missing. The duo along with Saiyesha and KK (Zaan Khan) will enter the Muskaan mansion.

After finding Saiyesha, Neil will feel that his responsibility has ended. Already heartbroken due to Avni’s betrayal, he will finally decide to leave her and all the drama behind.  He doesn’t want anymore drama in his life therefore he will say good bye to Avni.

Avni won’t even force Neil to stay back! She will accept his decision.

Although Neil decides to never comeback but we know what happens in television soaps…for now Neil will leave Avni but he will surely return in her life or else how will the show proceed…?

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