The upcoming episode of Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya will finally remind viewers the sweet romance amid Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) as Abhi will make a sweet gesture towards Pragya without remembering Pragya at all. It is known that Abhi is suffering from partial memory loss in Kumkum Bhagya and has forgotten Pragya.

Pragya too is avoiding to come in front of Abhi as doctor has asked Pragya to not put any strain on Abhi’s memory. Pragya is seen going back to her geeky avatar which was loved by Abhi. Pragya knows that Aaliya (Shikha Singh) is taking advantage of Abhi’s condition and has taken over Abhi’s company. Pragya wants to stay close to Abhi and save him from Aaliya and Tanu’s evil plans. Pragya manages to get job in Abhi’s music company and works there as receptionist.

Pragya avoids revealing her face to Abhi as she doesn’t want Abhi’s brain to get strained. However, in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, a sweet twist will come which will bring Pragya in front of Abhi. Abhi will visit his music company for song recording where the Manager asks Pragya to welcome and look after Abhi. Pragya hides her face and arranges flower shower on Abhi. Pragya lovingly will stare at Abhi while Abhi will not recognize Pragya.

Right then Pragya’s dupatta will fall off and Abhi will see her face. Abhi will feel a strange pull towards Pragya and he will be surprised. Abhi will ask Pragya to wear her glasses and Pragya will tell Abhi that she is his great fan. Abhi will get happy and will give an autograph to Pragya on her wrist. Abhi will feel strange vibes towards Pragya and he will keep calling Pragya in front of him. Are you excited to watch this romantic track amid AbhiGya? Do comment below.

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