SAB TV’s latest silent comedy, ‘Gupp Chupp‘ chronicles the war of the Kohlis and the Sethis. ┬áMeet the Kohli Family of “Gupp Chupp” Serial on SAB TV.

The Kohlis are well-travelled, affluent and modern. The family comprises Vivek (Saanand Verma), who is laid back, clumsy and a henpecked husband. His wife Lovely (Monica Castelino) is a control freak and likes to be in charge of everything in the house, including her husband’s day-to-day agenda. Their daughter Tina Kohli (Palak Dey) is a tomboy, while grandmother Nani (Sahiba Khurana) is a caring old lady, who is obsessed with knitting and chasing mosquitoes with an electric racquet, leading to funny situations.

Gupp Chupp Serial Kohli Family Serial Character Name with Their Real Names

Character Real Name Character Name in Serial
Saanand Verma Vivek Kohli
Monica Castelino Lovely Kohli
Palak Dey Tina Kohli
Sahiba Khurana Nani (Grandmother)

Gupp Chupp | Kohli Family in Gupp Chupp Serial | SAB TV

Gupp Chupp’, which launches on Saturday, August 6, will air every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm on SAB TV.

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