Chandra Nandini’s Rajat Tokas clears the air about his controversies saying that he only wants to remain and actor and not become a star

Popular TV actor Rajat Tokas has recently landed himself in controversy just few weeks before his new show Chandra Nandini start airing on Star plus. A while back there was news going around that a popular director named Santram Verma refused to direct Chandra Nandini because of Rajat’s presence in the show.

Santram had also directed Rajat’s previous show Jodha Akbar and during the making of that show, some major differences had crept in between Rajat and Santram. While producer Ekta Kapoor was keen to have Santram as the director of the show, the deal did not work out and Santram had to exit the show as he was not at all ready to work with Rajat. A section of the media is becoming Rajat for his high handedness but Rajat does not seem to be bothered.

Rajat has also been accused by media people for being arrogant and uptight. While Rajat has been loaded with so many controversies and accusations, the young actor is not concerned about any of this as his ultimate focus is only his work. Rajat has recently given a statement saying that he does not want to become a superstar and wants to be known only as an actor. Rajat feels that h only wants to be known by the characters he plays and not by his own name.

Rajat has explained that he refrained from media interactions as he is a private person and does not want to be probed about his personal life. Seems like Rahat is quiet clear about his views and does not care to change himself on public demands. Chandra Nandini will go on air from 10th October onwards and will air at 8 30PM and will star Shweta Basu Prasad opposite Rajat Tokas in lead role.

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